John Fenwick

It's about a month before our 50th reunion 10/2013 which seems like an ideal time to update my Bio...here she goes

Fresh out of P'crest I attended Wagner College (A small private school on Staten Island, NY) for one year.  Transferred to PMC (Now Widener Univ.) Worked a number of part time jobs including bartending at the Riddle Paddock in Lima where Jim Croce was the entertainment.  Enlisted in the Navy Reserve in Folsom, PA.  Although my contribution was small, I'm proud to say that The Red Threat never crossed Mac Dade Blvd on my watch.  Married May/67 Graduated from PMC May/68. First child, Amy, born Sept/68 (now a mother of three, school teacher in Ocean City NJ).  Began what would be a 43 year career in the investment brokerage business. Second child, Sara, born June/71 (now a stay at home mother of twin girls living in Ocean City NJ) 

Divorced the summer of '75.  Was named Branch Manager of Media office of Elkins & Co.  Rick Hevner was one of my supervisors.  Traveled quite a bit.  Learned to snow ski, sky dive and scuba.  Moved to Mesa, AZ in Aug '80.  After an adjustment period, my business and personal life flourished.  I qualified for several luxury trips to England, Spain, Bahamas and Hawaii.  Married wife number two.  Was named Branch Manager of the Mesa, AZ office of Prudential Securities.  I had a feature article written about me in a national trade publication. Third daughter, Melanie, born Oct/92 (now a junior at Colorado Christian Univ. in Lakewood, CO)  Divorced June of '99.  It took 3 tries, but I think I got it right this time.  Married to Moira March 2004....RETIRED February 2012

It's hard to believe that I have boiled down 50 years of life into two paragraphs.  Here are some other highlights:  Owned 5 houses, 21 cars, 1 muscle car, 4 dogs,  3 cats, visited 26 states, 15 countries, shared a cocktail with Jim Croce, took an elevator ride with Frank Sinatra, shared a laugh with Ed McMahon,played in the World Series of Poker, and hitch hiked from NYC to Wash DC on Nov 22, 1963 to pay homage to JFK.

Regrets I've had a few, but then again too few to mention (thanks Frank)...It's been quite a ride...Some top of the world highs, some down and dirty lows...but in the final analysis, I  have good health, and a loving relationship with my children, grandchildren, and family.  I'm truly blessed            GO EAGLES     


Jacques Fox

The following are the most significant people in my life: My wife of 36 years - Carole; My oldest son, Ryan and his three children; my daughter Allison and her two children; and my youngest son Kevin (who's still looking). I threw in one picture of myself... giving away my "princess" on her wedding day. All the other stuff that happened during my journey is meaningless in comparison...


Victoria Ostrander Fleming

Fleming's Wine Country Retreat

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