Penncrest High School
Class of 1963

40th Reunion
October 10 and 11, 2003




Friday night we all met at the flag pole in front of the school at 6:00PM.  John Lohn, an assistant principal gave of us a first class tour of the school.  He knows his way around because he has been there for 30 years.

I’m glad we had a guide, I didn’t recognize anything.  Our old auditorium is now the cafeteria, the new gym has an indoor track, and there’s more technology in the Distance Learning room that we had in the entire school.  The new auditorium actually has seating that is fixed to the floor.  No more collecting all of the seats and moving the bleachers so that we could have a gym class.

The gym has banners across one wall with all of the school championships since 1966.  I may not have the year exactly right, but I’m close.  I looked for any graffiti that our class might have left in the halls or on the lockers, but they seemed to have cleaned up since we left.  The one room I never saw was the old, dark and smoky, bookroom where I used to play cards with teachers.   It also appears that someone removed the marker at the end of the classroom wing.  It once marked the spot where Hevner, Nevison and friends attempted to blow up the school.  Fortunately, they did it with faculty supervision.  How nostalgic to remember a time when you could simply blow things up without any CNN coverage.

Around 7:30 we went out to the football field to watch Penncrest play Haverford under the lights.  As the honored guests we had reserved seats on the 50 yard line, and they let us in for free.  Well almost all of us got in for free, Rick Hevner got locked out of the school at one point, and they made him pay to get back in.  He also had a fancy red stamp on his hand that may, or may not, come off.

The class of 1963 was introduced to the crowd at least three times.  The final score of Penncrest 42 and Haverford 0 was well lit on the scoreboard.  If you haven’t been there in a while, the field is dedicated to Louis W. Scott.  I forgot to mention that the gym is named after Bill Kaufman, who incidentally runs the scoreboard.  He’s one of the people who was there as long ago as we were.

The game was great.  Watching a winning team is usually better than watching the other kind.  Our team looks quite good this year and executed plays extremely well.  The most spectacular catch of the evening was not on the field.  Becky Woodruff pulled in a wobbling pass thrown by a cheerleader into the stands.  Entitled to keep the ball, she nevertheless, unselfishly donated it to a worthy cause.  The worthy cause being my 2 year old granddaughter Emily.

Some of us were worn out by the evening and went home to rest up for Saturday, the rest found their way back to Media and sampled the local brew.




 The Mendenhall Inn is located slightly north of the Pennsylvania state border.  It is in a charming location near Longwood Gardens and the Brandywine Museum.  Our room wasn’t ready when we arrived, but it was not a problem because they had thoughtfully set aside a large part of the bar for us.  Not surprisingly, no one had a problem with this.

I believe the count was 35.  More would have been better, but this crowd was perfect.  The long distance travel award was once held by Jerry Stretch, but this year the mantle passes to Arlene Ponte from Portland Oregon.

We brought a television so that everyone could watch the tape Jay Fenwick made of the 38th party at Rick’s farm.  I don’t think any one disgraced themselves in any significant way, and it will not be necessary to edit the tape.  Fenwick was unable to deliver the tape personally.  He’s still making himself comfortable in his new home (still in Arizona) and is probably helping with wedding plans.  If we can arrange the reporters, etc. there will be full coverage of the wedding at our web site.  Congratulations Jay.

The food was good, the conversation was better.  We didn’t have music this year which completely eliminated the need to shout over the band.  There was a lot of picture taking, and when I get my copies I’ll post them as promptly as possible.


The morning after letter from Becky,

Good Morning...

Mendenhall was lovely.  Friday's tour and game were both fun.  Thank you for all your planning.  Of course, I am surprised more people did not show up.  Maybe we can offer bribes or prizes for 'whoever travels farthest' or whatever next time. 

After going to Buckley's Tavern, after Mendenhall, and getting thrown out of there upon closing, we headed back to my place for our slumber party.  Tish, Bonnie, Helen and Sandy Singer and myself.  Skip was supposed to join us, but he fell asleep in my parking lot, after he didn't pay attention to which apartment I was in!  Several bottles of champagne and snacks later, we finally got some sleep at 5 am.  Skip re-joined us in the morning, and I served brunch and we talked (like there could be anything left to talk about at this point) until 6 pm Sunday evening.

I hope Emily enjoys her little yellow football.  Please say 'Hi' to Kathy for me.  I really enjoy her.  And thank Mr. Fox for capturing all those Kodak moments.




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