Penncrest High School
Class of 1963


Issue #10 - May 2003

We Celebrate Forty Years in October

The long wait is over, it is reunion time again. Run to the kitchen, get the official family calendar out of the drawer, turn to October, and circle the 10th and 11th. We get to do it again. We had a great time at the last reunion, and the 40th should be even better. Try on your red & yellow blazers, reacquaint yourself with the 1963 Yearbook, and plan to be there.

"A 40th reunion of biblical proportions," I think that's a line from one of the Ghost Buster movies. The reunion dates are October 10 & 11, 2003. Friday the 10th is Homecoming Football at the High School, and on the 11th we will get together for dinner and conversation. Now would be a great time to get the calendar out and mark the dates.

I'll wager that none of us ever gave a thought to a 40th reunion as we left Penncrest to wander through life. (I'll drop the 40 years of wandering analogies right here.) However, it seems that a 40th reunion does have the added significance of being a major transition point in our lives. A time when we truly have new and honed perspectives of what goes on around us, both in the world and in our neighborhood. Many of us are investigating retirement, spending more time with grandchildren, and bemoaning a stock market that has chosen a very inopportune time to waffle.

In past years, as a prelude to reunions, I joked about embarking on a campaign to get down to a good reunion weight. That is not the case for the 40th. At this point in our lives we have grown accustomed to who we are and probably see little need to change anything. Either that or we accept that fact that certain things just aren't going to change no matter what we do.

However, some things certainly do change. I recently purchased Charade on DVD. The color is a little faded and the sound is poorly synched. If you don't remember the story line, it involves murder, intrigue, and love all centered on the theft of a vast sum of money. If you don't recall the amount, it was $250,000. I don't think the bad guys today would blink over that amount, let alone scour Europe in an attempt to track some one down so that the money could be split four ways. But what is more amazing, what we thought was a huge amount of money in 1963, or the ability to store movies (5+ gigabytes) on DVD's that never wear out? Then again, who ever envisioned the progression from 35mm cameras, to Polaroid instant pictures (in one minute), to digital cameras that allow us to send our images to family and friends anywhere in the world over the World Wide Web?


We have not finalized the plans yet and we would like to receive as much input as possible. Please email Rick or Sandy with suggestions or special requests. You are also welcome to post any ideas on the message board at We will have to make some decisions about location and cost soon. Decisions and choices will be posted on our web site as they are made.

The Countdown Begins

Shortly, you will see the countdown on the web site, and we will have a separate page for reunion plans and schedules. Now would be a great time to make certain we have your latest phone number, mailing address and email address. Please send any updates to Rick or Sandy as soon as possible. Go to our web site, review the "Lost List," and help us find a few more classmates. Finally, let us know as soon as possible if you can attend. I'll post responses on our web site.


June 1 - October 10

131 Days

On the Web

Very few biography updates have been made since they were originally posted. Please send an update to your bio. It can be appended to the last bio, or it can replace the original. It's your choice, just let us know. You may want to include a picture of you, or your family, with the bio. Everyone loves pictures. Just attach the digital image to an email and send it to There is a new link on the web site to a 40th Reunion page. It contains an up-to-date summary of places, plans, and people.

Updated on 12/11/12