Millennium Reunion @ Rick Hevner's Farm

Penncrest High School
Class of 1963

Within a day or two, I will start to post pictures on the web site. There will be a link for 2000 reunion pictures, and you will also find new pictures posted on the nostalgia page.

Last minute notes:
The dress is casual and Rick has a wonderful menu planned. You should have his mailing by now with the details. (Remember that all of the mailings come in large Prudential envelopes.) If you have any Penncrest memorabilia, please bring it with you. I would like to get pictures for our web site. If you plan to make a contribution to our class fund, please bring a check. Note that we will also be gathering at the Desmond on Friday night.

Pre-Reunion: Friday, July 28 – The Night Before
The plan is to meet at the Desmond Hotel on Friday night. It is located in Malvern, not to far from Rick’s. The address is 1 Liberty Boulevard, Malvern, and the phone number is 610-296-9800. You might want to check their web site for directions. I’m told they are walking distance (across the parking lot) from the Homewood Suites Hotel. 

The reservation is for approximately 15 at 8:00pm in the Fox & Hounds Pub. Please send me an email if you plan to be there so I can adjust the reservation. If you are interested in dinner, they have an outdoor lobster dinner with music.

Please send me an email if you plan to be there:

As of 7/15 we have 7 yes responses for the Desmond, Friday at 8pm.

Reunion: Saturday, July 29th
The reunion starts at 4pm and will end at 10pm, or when people actually leave. The directions to Rick's farm are printed below. He is prepared for everything-- food, drink, music, first aid, etc. But if you have any suggestions now would be a good time to contact Rick. So far, no one has suggested anything for the Sunday after the reunion. If you want to volunteer, I'll be happy to post the plan here.

Penny will be bringing the music, but if you have any favorites from the 60’s please bring them along.

From Philadelphia:
Take the Schuykill Expressway (Route 76) to Valley Forge. Exit Route 202 South, continue south about 9 miles to 401, and exit north. Continued below.

From Main Line:
Take Lancaster Pike (Route 30) West, past Paoli, to Route 401. Turn right and continue to where 401 crosses under Route 202. Continued below.

From Route 202 and 401, continue west exactly 2 miles. Turn right at Valley Hill Road. This is a sharp hairpin right (50 meters after the sign for Charleston Township.)

Continue on Valley Hill exactly 1.3 miles. You will bear right at a stop sign, where the road forks. Cross over the PA Turnpike. Smith Lane is on the left, and the next left turn is Greenlane Road. (The sign is difficult to see, until you are right on it.)

Turn left onto Greenlane Road. Continue mile, 1105 Greenlane Road is on the left. (ReinBows Equestrian Center is on the right.)

A number of people have asked about the cost of the reunion. There will be no charge, but we are asking people to consider a contribution to a class fund that will be used to defray the costs of the 40th. The fund already exists and has a whopping $401.00. Most of this amount is money contributed after the 35th reunion, plus approximately $10 in interest. The sum also includes about $45.00 from the purchase of books via the link on the Penncrest web site. Please make checks payable to Penncrest Class of 1963. 

Planning to attend as of July 27, 2000:
Skip Achuff
Shirley Allison Fuller
Betty Ammon Jefferis
Janet Arters Duckworth
Louise Arters
Rita Brown Simpson
John E. Dougherty
Elaine Castagna
Bobb Courtman
Barry Diamond
Helen Essaf Cogley
Jay Fenwick
Jacques Fox
Ann Hampton
Rick Hevner
Dave Hodges
Larry Howard
Karyl Hutton
Betty Krout
Jay MacLaughin
Judy Morgan
Lee Morrison
Don Meyer
Penny Ostrander Miecznikowski
Martha Bodtke Pisano
Marilyn Woodruff Case
Margie Worrell Plotts
Sandra Singer Rigby
Roberta Riley
Jim Scholten
Doris Sidlow
Sandy Sorkin
Jerry Stretch
Ed Tunaitis
Tish Turner Mayo
Sandy Hensell Tinsley
Dee Waselefsky Thompson

It's time to call the classmates with whom you have stayed in touch. Tell them you'll be there and you want somebody to talk to if Rick runs out of food.

The winner will be selected based upon multiple criteria:

1) Did they provoke the person to write a real bio?
2) Did lawyers get involved?
3) Was it plausibly deniable? 

Many of you are not aware that in 1962, Rick Hevner purchased a large number of cheese steaks as an investment. He was confident that the art of cheese steak making would never improve upon the techniques known and utilized in 1962. Over the years he has offered these at action (ref. Sotheby’s Exotic Food Auction: 1978, 1988, 1989) and only one remains. He has decided that if the turnout for the mini-reunion is greater than for the 35th reunion, he will visit the vault, defrost the vintage 1962 cheese steak and award it to the most deserving guest.

Golf--the Captain Fenny Way
Jay Fenwick has expressed a desire to play golf at some point during the weekend. If anyone out there has a membership at prestigious country club and a desire to play golf with one of the most exceptional golfers of the southwest, please call Jay. In the event that no one invites Jay to play golf, is there anyone out there with an expansive lawn and a gopher problem?

I hope everyone who brings a camera will ask for duplicate prints. They can be scanned for our web site. If you have a digital camera, send some images to

Have a reunion at your house
Any suggestions as to where we should go for the 2001 gathering? If it’s at your house, you get to choose the date, time and what the appropriate dress will be. You also get the last word on the menu. You can even make it a theme party (not Moon River.) For those of you that are now far from the Media area, this is your opportunity to get some old friends to travel. If 2001 isn't good for you, how about 2002.

1998 35th Media, PA
1999 FennyFest Mesa, AZ
2000 Millennium Reunion Malvern, PA
2001 Your house
2002 Somebody else’s house
2003 40th Back to PA?
What do we call this reunion?

Down on the Farm
From Horse’s Mouth to Horse Farm
Bought the Farm
Out of Farm's Way
In Farm's Way
You Can’t Beat the Price
A Day at the Races
Horse Feathers
Overalls "R" Us
In Front of the Barn
Heave Ho Hevner
Rick's American Farm
Let's-put-on-a-show-in-the-barn Reunion
Ole McHevner Had a Farm
In a Galaxy--Farm, Farm Away

You probably see immediately that it is not a prudent idea to let me do the naming.

A few people have promised me pieces of Penncrest memorabilia to be scanned for the web site. If you can bring this with you to Rick’s, we can scan or photograph it on the spot. 

Who said...
If you remember the 60's, you weren't there.

You belong at the reunion if you know what they are referring to when they talk about the "flip-side."

Updated on 12/11/12