Penncrest High School
Class of 1963


Newsletter Number 4

November 1998

Reunion News

Reunion 1998 went off without a snag. Not exactly 1963 all over again, but a reasonable facsimile. For more details and the pictures, check out our class web site: If you prefer to search, instead of going directly to the address, we can be found with the keywords "Penncrest" and "Class of 1963." Someday another class will wonder why we own the name, and we'll hope they never find out the reason is simply that no one else ever wanted it. With the 35th under our collective belts, it's time to plan for the next one.

We learned from this experience that Dick Hevner does a great job of organizing music, food and location. He may show a little bias towards the Towne House, but we can live with that. It appears that most of our class still lives in very close proximity to Media. We also need more participation. Frankly, it is really difficult to share the calling, mailing and other fun times, but we must. Therefore, Dick and I are offering a few ideas for everyone to consider.

We need a few committees to organize the 40th. A five year lead time is just perfect for getting ready. It's even practical for planning a 37th reunion to start the new millennium. We'll be happy with one big committee or a few small ones to do the following:

  • Pick a date, pick a place
  • Write for the newsletter
  • Food and Drink
  • Take pictures
  • Plan the entertainment
  • Arrange pre- and post- reunion activities
  • Manage the finances
  • Look for hotel and travel bargains

Please let us know if you can participate. You don't even have to do these jobs, you can do whatever you want to do. This plea reminds me of the line "Give me ten stout men...", actually we have the stout men, what we need are volunteers.

Paul Gibson has agreed to chair the "Locate the Lost" committee. His perseverence and computer expertise are most welcome. While he searches for the lost, he also needs to find some help from people in the Media area.

CaptFenny who some of us remember as Jay Fenwick will chair the "Special Events" committee. He would like to plan a get together in either Las Vegas or his home state of Arizona. The time frame would be June - August next year. He needs to know your preferences so please email him directly at or He'll post the results on our web site.

Reunion Redux

Other lessons learned this time around were that we may need to come up with a less expensive venue. Additionally, we need to look for better handicap access. Financially we came up a few dollars short, and a few of us have made up the difference and will add a couple of dollars to maintain our class bank account. Another suggestion is that we might get people to sponsor specific events at the next reunion. We actually have some potential here and welcome any additional support. You name it and you can be the sponsor.

Class List

The class list was enclosed in the paper copy of the newsletter. Your address will not be posted on our web site unless you want it there. Please check your entry on the class list and send or post any corrections. Note that email addresses are being posted. As we speak, Paul Gibson is updating the list so we apologize if it isn't 100% up-to-date. The web class list will always be a little ahead of the distributed list. If you need an address or phone number, please call or email your request.


Many of you have been directly threatened regarding your biographies. Write one, or one will be written for you. It may or may not be flattering and will potentially involve you in international intrigue or just the basic Washington kind. This is not the kind of gamble you want to take.

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