Penncrest High School
Class of 1963

Probably the best reunion so far.


More pictures on page 9.

Sandy, Jerry, and John.


Larry from Oklahoma, Jay from Massachusetts, and Dave from Florida. Other members of the class were asked to stay in Pennsylvania. 


Tish Turner Mayo and Janet Arters Duckworth were the only ones facing the camera for this shot.


Doris Sidlow and Sandy Henzel watching in amazement as Marjorie Worrell Plotts drinks without spilling anything from the can.


Jim Scholten and Rick Hevner.

Barry Diamond.

After reviewing the year book for a short while, she realized she might be at the wrong reunion. Upon consultation with others, Ann decided the yearbook picture was a perfect likeness and decided to sit back down.


Becky Woodruff passing a note to Tish. The note was immediately confiscated by a teacher in the crowd.

Pictures from Sandy Henzel Tinsley.


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